• What does it feel like to be Hypnotised and "in a trance?"
  • You are at all times in Control and aware of your surroundings. Its very similar to meditation but I will verbally guide you to "tune out" the outside world, turning down the analytical  side and "quieten"  the mind. Your attention is drawn to the "internal processes within, such as breathing which allows the "Conscious side of the mind to rest while the "Sub-conscious" becomes more accessible. 


  • "What if I cant do it?"
  • "If you can daydream you can achieve a trance. We all achieve a mild trance many times a day. Have you ever driven some where but cant recall part of the journey? Or focused so intently while watching a good film that someone had to call your name numerous times to get your attention?



  • "Will I be out of control in Hypnosis?"
  • "Absolutely not, its impossible to achieve trance against your will. You can move and open your eyes at any time. Hypnosis is like a ball, if you want to, you'll catch it....if you don't, you wont" See Hypnosis explained to see why Stage Hypnosis often has such dramatic effect.  Here>



  • " Could I act silly or tell you things I didn't want to?"
  •  " You are in full control at all times, just simply in a very relaxed state where your sub-conscious mind is open to suggestion."



  • "What if I fall asleep?"
  • " Most find Hypnosis so relaxing that this is indeed common,  Its not a problem as the Sub-conscious mind never sleeps and can still receive therapeutic "suggestions". However,  if this is noticed you may be gently verbally guided back slightly as best results are achieved in trance state which is "Just before actual sleep takes place"



  • "I've heard of therapeutic suggestion, what is it!?"
  • "This is simply verbal suggestions offered to the sub-conscious mind to alter existing behaviours or thought processes.



  • "What's the difference between stage Hypnosis and Clinical Hypnosis?"
  • Stage Hypnosis is purely for entertainment, while Clinical Hypnosis is used to bring therapeutic change and alter unwanted behaviours. Two types of people go to Hypnotic shows, Those who want to "Entertain" and those who want to be "Entertained". Those who want to "Entertain" will volunteer and will be quickly whittled down to the "most suggestible" with the most potential to entertain. Remember, these people want to have fun and entertain and therefore are very willing "to catch that hypnotic ball".



  • What should I wear?
  • Regular comfortable clothing. If Hypnosis is considered then you would be invited to use the soft reclining chair and remove your shoes if you so wish. Its advisable that contact wears should remove their contacts prior to any "eyes closed" Therapy. (Hypnosis)



  • "Which therapy will you use?"
  • All therapies will be considered after evaluating your presenting concern. I would suggest which therapies would be the most beneficial or usually a combination is suggested. However, the final decision is yours. 


  • Are you insured?
  • Yes, a valid certificate is displayed on the about page and also in the practice"


  • "Are you qualified?"
  • Yes, I have undertaken training and qualified in all the mention therapies on the "Therapy page" I am also a member of the the National Council for  Hypnotherapy.(NCH) As such I am bound by their code of ethics and duty bound to undertake yearly additional training to ensure knowledge is increased and always up to date.


  • "Can I bring a friend or carer?"
  • "Absolutely!"


  • "Do you work with Children?"
  • "Yes,  but if aged under sixteen (16) I must insist its with parental consent and a parent or guardian brings you to your appointment. 


  • "Should I tell my GP before my appointment?
  • If you have any medical concerns or known medical aliments/conditions it is advisable to seek authority from your GP. Their advice/guidance will always take precedence. 



  • "Can I talk you over the phone or via Skype or Similar?"
  • "Yes, call or Email for details."


  • "How can you guarantee my confidentiality?"
  • "The telephone answer machine and Email contacts are accessible by only me. They are both password protected and any electronic device is installed with up to date virus protection.  I am also a member of the National Council for  Hypnotherapy.(NCH) As such I am bound by their code of conduct and duty bound to undertake the above confidentiality precautions."


  • "Can you guarantee to help me?"
  • "It would be morally wrong and unethical for any health professional to make any sort of guarantees. However, what I can guarantee is this; I will use all of my skills and tools to do my very best in helping you as quickly as possible. The only thing I ask is that you whole heartedly commit to the process.”



  • "I've never known a therapist give a free session, Why do you offer a free initial session?"
  • "The most important aspect of any therapy is feeling comfortable and having trust in your chosen therapist. It may take you some time to find the right therapist. My mission is to help people achieve their goal or objective. Therefore I am more than happy to offer an initial free session to ensure you feel comfortable and proceed further to achieve your goal."


  • How Many Sessions will I need and How much will it cost?
  • The amount of sessions largely depends on the presenting item and can be discussed after your free Initial Session. Sessions are usually booked in blocks of Three (3) spread over a month. Many issues can be worked with over the three sessions but more complex issues may require considerably more.              
  • Cost of a Session is £75.