3 Simple Reasons Anyone Can Be Hypnotised

Why anyone can be Hypnotised
A Leap Of Faith...

3 Simple reasons why anyone can be Hypnotised!

During my time as a Harpenden in Hertfordshire based therapist, the three questions regarding Hypnosis that are often asked are:

  • While hypnotised, will I be out of control and made to do something silly?

  • Will it work?

  • I bet I couldn't be hypnotised!


In order to answer these and why anyone can be hypnotised, we need to take a quick look at what hypnosis and what being 'hypnotised' really is. Hypnosis is a natural state of awareness that we all experience to some degree numerous times a day and during REM when we Why anyone can be Hypnotisedsleep. Have you ever day dreamed? or been so engrossed in a good book or film that you are completely focused where the outside distractions are ‘tuned out’, to the point where someone would have to call your name several times to get your attention? or driven somewhere and not remembered parts or even most of the journey? These are all examples of a light 'self-induced hypnotic trance', where the conscious 'analytical' part of the mind fades to the background and the 'Sub-conscious' part of the brain takes centre stage.

Sub-conscious mind attaches an ‘emotion’ to an EXPERIENCE

The Sub-conscious runs all the bodily functions that we don't consciously have to perform, such as breathing, beating heart and regulating body temperature. However, it also has one other important function that keeps us therapists in demand. That is attaching an EMOTION to an EXPERIENCE. Herein lies the problem....as occasionally it gets it wrong. This is where irrational fears or phobias are born. I find a useful way of describing the difference between the conscious mind and sub-conscious is to think of the sub-conscious mind as a seveWhy anyone can be Hypnotisedn-year-old child. Full of emotion and drive but acts without hesitation. Whereas the conscious mind is like a wise owl, full of sophistication, intellect and fully analyses before acting. for instance, we all know that smoking is harmful. In fact, it is one of the few consumables that actually states on the packaging 'This will kill!' And yet there are still over one billion smokers’ worldwide. Why? Because the Sub-conscious mind has two overriding priorities and that is to keep us safe and make us happy. Therefore, despite the sensible conscious mind telling us smoking kills, the sub-conscious mind with all the drive and emotion wins the day!This isWhy anyone can be Hypnotised because the last time the smoker EXPERIENCED smoking, the Sub-conscious mind attached a 'good feeling' to that EXPERIENCE and fulfilled one of its functions of keeping you happy. If we stay with the example of smoking, we know the Conscious mind has received the 'suggestion' that smoking kills, but fails to have the necessary drive or Emotion to resist. We need to aim that 'suggestion' towards the Sub- conscious mind. While we are Hypnotised it  allows us to "tune out" the analytical Conscious mind and place "suggestions" directly into the Sub-conscious. 


Sub-conscious mind seeks to keep us safe and give us pleasure.

In Summary, ALL hypnosis is 'Self Hypnosis' and something we all achieve daily.  With Hypnotherapy the task is to help you to become 'hypnotised' and achieve this altered state of awareness, but this time, utilise this access to the sub-conscious and "Guide" you by offering "verbal suggestions" to alter the emotions attached to existing experiences.

You cannot be forced to achieve trance, it's a case of allowing yourself to be hypnotised.

So finally to answer those three all important questions...

1/ While Hypnotised, you are in full control at all times and can move and open your eyes at any time should you need to.  You are fully aware at all times although many state that it feels like only a few minutes has passed, when in fact maybe an hour may have passed. The Sub-conscious mind has two dominate functions and that is to 'keep you safe' and 'give you pleasure'. Therefore, it would not allow you to act outside of your own moral boundaries. Hypnotic trance is basically a dreamy totally relaxed state of mind where you know you can stop at any time, but simply won’t want to!

2/ All Hypnosis is 'Self Hypnosis', whether trance is achieved is entirely down to 'allowing' yourself to be open to 'guided relaxation' and 'Why anyone can be HypnotisedLET GO'. A therapist helps you to tune out the outside distractions and quieten the mind. You are then verbally encouraged to focus 'internally' and the inner process within, which focuses the mind to an extent where the rational and analytical conscious mind is no longer needed, paving the way for the Sub-conscious to come forward and accept the therapists 'emotion altering' verbal "suggestions". In a nut shell, you cannot be Hypnotsied against your will or forced to achieve trance, it is more a case of allowing yourself. The therapist is simply your guide and offers the Sub-conscious 'suggestions'. 

3/ Lastly, anyone betting that they can’t be Hypnotised would win! I liken Hypnosis to a ball. If you

want to catch the ball you will and if you don't.... you won’t! One of the main reasons subjects in 'hypnotic stage shows' display such dramatic results whilst hypnotised is that they really want to have fun. However, some people are more 'suggestible' than others and the stage Hypnotist will systematically select the strongest by a process of elimination while watching who has the natural ability to be hypnotised. So are these " more suggestible types" gullible or weak minded? In fact, quite the opposite is true. These are exceptionally strong minded people who are naturally relaxed enough to 'allow' themselves to access their sub-conscious. Although thankfully, with trust and practice we can all attain this powerful gift. 

Why anyone can be Hypnotised
"Go on...Hypnotise me then!"

Therefore the secret of hypnosis is.... the power is within YOU.

No magic, no tricks , just let go and ALLOW it to happen. It feels great and the possibilities are endless. Contact me to receive a FREE Hypnosis audio download. Begin mastering Hypnosis now and become the person you want to be.> PRESS HERE

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