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Harpenden - Wheathampstead - Codicote - Kimpton - Hitchin - Stevenage - Luton - St Albans - Knebworth & surrounding villages

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Are you looking for Hypnotherapy in Harpenden & surrounding areas?


Welcome to Mindworx Therapy of Hertfordshire! I have an ideally situated clinic near Harpenden, offering solution based therapies such as Clinical Hypnosis (Hypnotherapy), NLP, CBT and EMDR.



Discrete village location ideally situated within the heart of Hertfordshire. Close to Harpenden, St Albans, Kimpton, Codicote, Luton, Welwyn, Hitchin, Knebworth, Stevenage and surrounding areas.



Hypnotherapy has rapidly grown into one of the most validated therapies available today. Recognised by the British Medical  Association, Hypnosis has proved to be safe and effective in treating many of unwanted behaviours and often in just a few hours.



There's no swinging pocket watches or loss of control! In fact a Hypnotic trance is a very natural state we all experience every day. Have you ever daydreamed? Or driven some where and arrived not remembering part or most of the journey? Clinical Hypnosis is merely guided relaxation, where you remain fully aware at all times but allows the therapist to make therapeutic suggestions to your sub-conscious mind. I use a combination of psychotherapeutic, cognitive, Hypnosis and neural Linguistic to help identify and bring a level of understanding. Working together to formulate a very bespoke intervention to help relieve your particular challenge. 

You are in full control just incredibly relaxed!



Yes, there are numerous examples of scientific literature attesting to the usefulness of clinical Hypnosis (Hypnotherapy). One such is the "Gut report", which studied 204 persons suffering from Irritable Bowel syndrome (IBS). Study subjects received twelve one hour Hypnosis sessions over a three month period. 58% of men and 75% of women reported significant relief at the conclusion of therapy.  Over 80% of those reported the effects had lasted when contacted 6 years later. less then 10% tried other therapy after receiving Hypnotherapy.

There is often the misconception that Hypnosis is only something seen in films or as entertainment in a stage show. The truth is that clinical hypnosis has proven extremely effective for numerous health conditions such as Depression through to Gastro-intestinal disorders.

Modern Clinical Hypnotherapy is now often an intrinsic part of recommended heath treatment.

(Gut Report, November 2003)


Actor and Oscar nominee, Mat Damon spoke of Hypnotherapy to free him of Smoking. He stated during a US chat show:

I swear to God it worked, it was the greatest decision of my life


Are you looking to step away from those unhelpful thoughts or behaviour patterns. Alleviate pain or gain Motivation? Achieve a certain goal or realise your true potential? What ever your concern, I'm here to help.

Situated within a picturesque village nearby to Harpenden, Hitchin, Wheathampstead, Codicote, Kimpton, Stevenage, Luton, StAlbans, Knebworth and surrounding areas. 

At Mindworx therapy centre I offer private therapy sessions, Monday to Friday between 9am - 7pm and Saturday 10am - 1pm. I'm here to discuss bespoke therapy to identify and resolve your concern. Utilising Hypnosis, NLP, CBT and EMDR.  First 20 minute consultation session is Totally FREE! Sessions are £75 and last between 60 - 90 mins. (Typically 60 mins)

Harpenden = 11 mins, Wheathampstead = 12 mins, Codicote = 9 mins, Kimpton = 4 mins, Hitchin, = 14 mins, Stevenage =20 mins, Luton = 25 mins, StAlbans = 25 mins, Knebworth = 17 mins.


Need Hypnotherapy in Watford? 


No Therapy can offer any guarantee. However I can promise to apply all my knowledge in order to work towards your goal in as few sessions as is possible.